Poster session

Wednesday 15/06/2016
Zenun Kastrati, Sule Yildirim-Yayilgan and Rune Hjelsvold Automatically enriching domain ontologies for document classification
Manon Quintana Inbenta Semantic Search Engine : a search engine inspired by the Meaning-Text Theory
Saleh Albahli and Austin Melton RDF data management: a survey of RDBMS-based approaches
Muhammad Rafi, Muhammad Naveed Sharif, Waleed Arshad, Sheharyar Mohsin and Habibullah Rafay Multi-Layer Semantics Based Document Clustering
John Samuel and Christophe Rey Generic Web Service Wrapper for Mediation based Data Warehousing
Olfa Arfaoui and Minyar Hidri Ontology-based query refinement for XML information retrieval
Anais Ollagnier, Sebastien Fournier and Patrice Bellot A Supervised Approach for Detecting Allusive Bibliographical References in Scholarly Publications